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I am interested in attending blot and sumble, how do I go about that?

Get to know us a bit and give us a chance to get to know you. Email us here and we can arrange a time to grab coffee or a beer.  Once we get to know you we will move forward from there.

I want to know more about Northern Folk Gathering.

Great. NFG is a great way to meet other heathens.  You can learn all about it here, or proceed

right to our registration page.

I want to know more about heathenry.

Excellent. Start reading, doing research.  Check out, they have a large

selection of free resources.  Come to out public events, talk to people, ask questions.

I want to know how my donation dollars will be spent.

All donations  go towards supporting the work of Volkshof Kindred.  Our main priorities are

putting on our public events, like Northern Folk Gathering, and going towards the purchase

of land for a public hof and hall to serve the greater heathen community.

Still have questions? Contact us by emailing