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Northern Folk Gathering

Midwest Thing

June 22-25, 2017

Registration for 2017 Northern Folk Gathering/Midwest Thing is now open!

Click here to register

There will be some differences this year for those of you that have attended this event recently. First, we are returning to Crow-Hassan Park.  Crow-Hassan is where all of this began over ten years ago.  

Second, Volkshof will only be providing one meal during the event.  We have always enjoyed cooking for our guests, but we want to spend some time outside the kitchen hosting our guests.  We will be preparing dinner on Saturday evening.  Guests are responsible for their own meals during the rest of the event.

Third, we will be holding Midwest Thing.  A chance for discussion and coordination on issues of importance to our region.

Crow-Hassan is a smaller campsite than we have used in recent years, so we expect registration to hit capacity very quickly.  We will remove the registration links once we hit capacity.

As in years past, we will hold an auction at the event.  We ask each guest to please bring an item for auction.

Last Minute Details

The event will be held at the Blue Stem site at Crow-Hassen Park.  Guests are welcome to arrive anytime after 3pm on Thursday.

Please remember that Volkshof will only be providing one meal during the event this year.  Guests are responsible for their own beverages and meals during the remainder of the event.  

Also, remember to bring whatever gear you might need for a weekend of camping.  Tents and other gear is a necessity.  Temperatures can swing and rain is a bit of a possibility, so please plan accordingly.

We are also excited to see what everyone brings for the auction this year.  We will have a Square reader for credit cards, but we are uncertain about the reliability of internet connectivity at the site.

We will be holding a blot and sumble during the event.  Unlike past years sumble will not be a formal event.  Instead, we will hold a folk sumble around the fire.  Formal attire and/or garb is not necessary.

We look forward to seeing all of you this weekend.